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Dee (Mississauga )

I was at a point in my life where juggling work and life was getting hard and decisions had to be made. I was afraid of the consequences of these decisions and Indie was able to show me the light at the end of the tunnel, so to speak. I thank her from the bottom of my heart for that.

Kris (Mississauga)

I was surprised of the accuracy of the reading. Definitely recommends her as she may guide you in cases where logic fails to apply.

Li (New York)

I randomly chose Indie, and I had little knowledge of Tarot readings. I gave her very little personal information ,but when my reading came back she was spot on about my future outcomes.I thought perhaps I was imagining the accuracy, and then when My husband read her reading he was surprised how accurate she was to describing my behavior patterns .Every now and then I will go back and glance at her reading and pick up on more thoughts to carry with me. It was fun , and I would do it again.

Ankita upadhyay ()

What you feel as you see in mirror? This is me! Right! ? Or when your gut feeling is saying choose the non- obvious option and you go for it and it turns out to be the correct. I felt the same when I, luckily turned towards this amazingly talented tarot card reader, Indie, seeking answers. The reading is so transparent and straight that it gives insight of what right or wrong is. I realised my situation, perfectly now. A guide to my future problems. Thank you so much, my lovely saviour!

Shikha (Mumbai, India )

It's the most accurate tarot experience I have ever had. The reading was on point and what amazed me even more was that I did not have to be present in person to have this experience. For the first time, someone helped me without knowing me, without expecting anything in return and at a time when I was just about break. Thank you Indie.

Marisa Rajah (Mississauga)

Wow. Indie is totally such an amazing warm hearted and understanding person. It's really hard to find such a caring and sweet person like her. I have got such a great peace of mind from her readings, and I'd totally recommend her to anyone! She is so passionate about what she does, the best tarot reader I've ever had! : )

Rebecca banham (Lincolnshire)

Indie did a reading for me - it was brilliant ;) very in depth and actually helped boost my confidence with a matter that had been bothering me. Putting the 'tarot' aside indie is a great listener and has great compassion for others and a real interest in your wellbeing. Kindest regards rebecca ;)

Alli (Colorado, USA)

Indie has not only granted me divine clarity but also a new fulfilling perspective on life and relationships. Indie's reading for me went above and beyond in explaining with %100 accuracy my situation and outcomes. She is a thorough, wise and kind reader in all of her affairs she brings light and love. I am blessed to have received her insight!

Arianrhod (Aberdeenshire, UK)

What can I say Indie? I am utterly gobsmacked with accuracy and brilliance of the read. Would I recommend Indie? Yes. If you want a read, Indie is your girl. Keep up the excellent work!

María Luisa Salazar (Lima Perú)

Indie I loved your reading about my two job interviews because it resonated a 100% with how I feel about both events. Thanks for not sugar coating the reading, this gave me a great insight about my current situation, about my true inner feelings and about tarot.

Sim (Toronto)

I had been watching Indie's weekly horoscopes on her youtube channel and her predictions were very accurate. So I decided to consult her. Her reading was not only accurate and insightful but also very inspiring. I am going to consult Indie from here on for my queries and I also highly recommend her.

Marisa (Mississauga)

I was sceptical but I was also desperate to find some answers to questions which were troubling me. I also wanted the cards to validate what I already knew. I felt trapped in my life and I could see no way out and no way to handle the sadness I had to live with. Indie was able to give me a lot of very helpful feedback. I am grateful that she took so much time and effort to help me. She is a very caring person. Thank you Indie!


Thanks Indie for reading me. This was once in a lifetime expierence.After talking to you it was the first time I felt that I got over the grief and pain of losing my mother which I never shared the sorrow with anyone before. Thanks Indie for everything and I felt connected to my mom and talk to her anytime and about anything, through you. God bless and wish you all the happiness in the world.

Daniel Chua (Singapore )

Hey, Indie! Firstly, I just wanted to apologize that it took me this long to write you a Testimonial. I've been rather busy with my real life and I was sort of going through a very hard time in my life, but I feel like I'm now moving on to calmer waters. As a Reader, Indie tells is as it is. She holds little back because she knows that it will be for the good of the Querent to know what the Cards truly are saying - in full. And that's something I find very, very commendable in her. As a fellow Reader, I feel as though I can learn a lot from her because she's so sure of herself and her intuition (and let's face it, her intuition is right on the money here), and that's the department I feel like I should develop and gain confidence on. During the Reading, the Spread she used acted as sort of a mirror reflecting the current State of the situation as how I and the other person, see it. She presents this in a clear and concise manner and even takes pictures of each of the Cards that came up (though I wish she just took a picture of the entire Spread instead)! Overall, she presents cold hard facts and offers sound advice throughout your whole session. I managed to follow what she and her Cards are telling me, and although the results weren't entirely in my favour, I can honestly say, that it gave me spiritual rest and a sense of inner peace - something I can only thank Indie for!

Samantha (Markham)

I had a tarot reading session with Indie. After the session, I feel Indie pointed out things that helped me get a clear picture for. Overall, great experience.. I will recommend Indie to my friends.

Rekkhaa (North York)

Thanks Indie for tarot reading ... definitely worth going and I was not believer in tarot. I had great session with Indie. It went amazing and she helped me understand things in a easy way. I will always now recommend Indie to all my friends and family... God Bless Indie....

Sanaz Besharat (North York)

“I will always and forever now recommend Indie to all my friends and family. She is so kind, supportive, insightful and smart! I have never encountered such deep analysis and great understanding of the situation. Indie was tremendously helpful and is extremely knowledgeable. Hands down, one of the most accurate and best Tarot readings I have ever had! Thank you”

Megha (Nagpur (India))

Life is full of twists and turns and to avoid the bumps one needs to make correct, clear and timely decisions which can be done with the help of Tarot guidance. When you are in a fix and in a situation where you need a sixth sense to clear your vision, you can trust Indie to show the right course of action.

Neeraj ()

I got a chance to meet Indie recently. She is very spiritual and that reflects in her tarot card reading as well. I was curious to know few things about my personal and professional life. Indie was very impressive with card reading and provided very good leads and clues for upcoming events/changes. Over and above all, Indie is a vey nice person and pay attention to details . I would definetky suggest to my friends.

Ambar (Mississauga)

I went to Indie a month before a really important exam just to get her advice and see what the cards tell me and to my surprise she told me a lot about my study pattern and how I wasn't concentrating on certain aspects that I should, if I wanted to clear the exam. I took her advice, but went to her again, just after my exam as I wasn't very happy with the way it went. She told me that she sees a good outcome and I needn't worry. I wasn't confident but she clearly told me that there is only a positive outcome that she sees through the cards. Well, now my results are out and I'm glad I took the advice she gave me as I've cleared it! That's 2 for 2 for indie! God bless you and keep helping people the way you do!

Brajesh (India)

I found Indie's reading absolutely on the spot! I was not a believer in Tarot but after my experience with Indie I think there is some substance in this. I recommend her to every one. God Bless.

Nandini (India)

I contacted Indie for some spiritual queries and the answers she gave me were so direct and on target that I felt as if my Guru was talking to me directly. She was my salvager to bring me out of the darkness that had kind of gripped me. Thank you God Bless.

Dheera Chitale (Nagpur, India)

This tarot reading has been as rightly put by indie an amazing experience of exploring my comes as a pleasant surprise to me since neither did I believe in this nor did I think it is life changing in anyways…all thanks to indie’s reading that it has really provided me with great insights about my life and the situations in it. Bt what is even more rewarding is that indie’s depth of understanding has shown me the lessons to be learnt in the course of this journey… I hope indie’s intutive knowledge is touched to all those who seek Love n Light…best wishes and thanks a lot indie.!!! God bless

Leanne ()

On the 20th of July 2014 I lost my baby this lady has answers so meay off my questions I were blaming myself for letting her go down the toilet and never getting to see her I lost her 9 days before my scan till now and wat she looked like Ino she is in peace and my man come for her so meant pages have been unfolded now I can Greave for my little princess Charlie xxx r.i p little angle xx

Krishna Rao (Mississauga, Canada)

I am not going to lie. I did not believe in Tarot Reading until recently. I was going through the biggest work-related crisis of my life to be honest. I had a very important meeting the next day. I approached Indie and sought her help through Tarot. She predicted exactly what happened the next day in minute detail. As I was well prepared already, I dealt with the situation well and came out a winner. Now, for every important decision I make, I take Indie's help.

Grace Smith (Toronto, Ontario Canada)

Thank you, Indie, for reading for me...I have only known you for a little while, but in this short time, your enthusiasm and wisdom have been truly inspiring to me. I really can't thank you enough for your generosity. I look forward to exploring the power of the tarot, together...learning, creating, growing and evolving...This is a beautiful website and I am enjoying reading all the precious gems you've shared....full of depth and insight. All the best to you on your journey. Blessings, Grace xoxo

Nadia Ng (Toronto)

Thanks indie, that is a very inspiring reading and i truly appreciate your effort :) i will definitely find you again when i have another question bother me. you were precise. I really like you.

Libby (New York City,NY)

I came to Indie asking for general love advice, despite the fact that I had someone in mind. She read her oracle deck and not only intuited that I was single, but intuited my entire situation with the guy I had in mind and gave me beautiful and wonderful advice, which helped me cope with my current issues. She gave me a lot of insight I wouldn’t have had otherwise. I highly recommend her.

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