Tarot in Toronto


“TORONTO TAROT TROUPE” is my dream, my vision and my humble attempt to bring us tarot lovers together!

How I got the idea!

When I started my search for tarot in Toronto city with the goal of not only finding some cool metaphysical shops where I could spend my money on tarot decks…. a lot of options did pop up. However, when I tried to look for groups of people of tarot , in Toronto….I was genuinely surprised (even mildly shocked!) to learn that there weren’t any such options out there! I found a few groups here and there…but they were either inactive for a long time, or were usually a part of a larger Spiritual or Metaphysical Group!

So what am I aiming for?

To build a group where people who share the very quirky and not that popular interest in Tarot, can come together and connect!

Online groups are AWESOME, but there is something to be said about coming together around a table and working with the highly tactile tool of the tarot!

Who is this Troupe for?

If you are – a tarot reader, a tarot learner, a tarot deck collector, a tarot enthusiast, tarot-curious….[whooossh... have I covered in all!?]


If you live in the GTA…

then this Troupe is for you!!

How Do you join?

DID I MENTION THIS IS FREE?  Hope it was implied so far but if not…this is your assurance! Its a free, informal but goal oriented group ….where all you need to invest is your heart and your time!! :)

Please see the form below. That would be the first step!

If you have any other friends in TORONTO or the GTA please..direct them here.

Once I get your consent to contact you ( see form) , I will get in touch and send you the details!

A few Questions….

1) Name
2) Where are you located in the GTA? ( Toronto city, Mississauga, Scarborough, Brampton, Markham)
3) What location would you prefer for the TTT meetings?
4) What is the farthest you will travel for the TTT Meet up?
5) What time in the day (Morning, Afternoon, Evening) works best for you to come to the meet?
6) In your own words, what are you looking for in Tarot group like ours?
7) Would you be ok with us following up with you on this?
If yes, please provide an email address you can be reached at!
8) Phone Number
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NOT IN TORONTO? No worries ! This website is not limited to tarot in Toronto city alone!

Explore the rest of the website for more !!

-Indie Tarot