My take on Weekly Tarot Readings…how do I do it??

Hello all!!

I don’t know about you, but I have always been fascinated by the Tarot’s ability to give us a look into the energies that surround us. Would you be interested in understanding more about how they are different from say getting a tarot reading for yourself? Read on….

Weekly tarot readings in short, are a snap shot. Sort of like a snap shot of what we might be mostly feeling or be mostly focused or would be experiencing in the upcoming days.

Weekly tarot readings are a cool way of looking into just that. But before I go into explaining what the readings are for me, I want to quickly mention what they are not.

I also want to mention what the weekly tarot readings are not. They are NOT specific predictions. I say this with caution because they sometimes might prove to be exactly that. A prediction of the events that might unfold… but more often that not they aren’t. You ask why?

The main thing is the intention. Weekly tarot readings are NOT done with an intention of predicting specific events during the week. At least, I got to go on record and tell you that I don’t do the weekly tarot readings with the intention of predicting events.

Then what are these weekly tarot reading exactly?

I do these weekly tarot readings with an intention of getting an insight into the major themes of the upcoming week. Sort of like what I said in the beginning of this article. An insight into what you would be majorly experiencing in the upcoming week!

Say we pull the Tower card as one of the cards for our weekly tarot readings, then what this would tell me is that some kind of a big change is coming up in the upcoming week. Without any context of the question then, how do I interpret this upcoming change?

This is where the other factors come in. One of the things is what are the other cards that have turned for the same weekly tarot reading? Based on the other two cards, what is overall intuitive message that is coming up to me for that reading?

The other thing, albeit overlooked as unimportant by new learners of the Tarot is what is the deck I am using for that particular weekly tarot reading? The imagery of the cards and the overall energy of the deck contributes a lot for the reading for me. So that is another one significant factor that I would keep in mind when giving the weekly tarot reading.

The last but NOT the least I look at recurring themes in the three cards. In the beginning  the cards are placed faced down (see below). Each of the cards drawn for the weekly tarot reading refer to a particular days in the week.

What are the steps to do so?

Here I need to come back to the Intention aspect of the reading. Remember INTENTION is huge when it comes to any Karma…and so is true for the event of these weekly tarot readings.

I usually shuffle the cards and draw three cards.

The first card represents energies that we might encounter in the beginning two days of the week of Monday and Tuesday. The second card represents Wednesday and Thursday and the last card represents Friday and Saturday. And then for actually reading the cards, I employ both the intellectual understanding I have of the cards along with how my intuition guides me.

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